8-Week Mindfulness Program

8-Week Mindfulness Program

Mindfulness 101: 8-Week Mindfulness Program

A different topic is covered every week in the program, which is supported by mindfulness practices and meditation exercises.

The aim is for each participant to create a definition of individual awareness with their own experiences at the end of 8 weeks and add it to their life.

This program is suitable for anyone who wants to create a holistic transformation in their life, reduce stress levels, develop a new perspective on difficult situations in their life, stay in the present instead of the past or the future, and place meditation practices in their lives on a regular basis.

Throughout the program, participants are supported with homework and meditation practices.


Definition of Mindfulness, Evidence Studies
The Transformative Effect of Mindfulness Practices in Our Daily Lives
Body and Mind Relationship
“Modes” of the Mind
Identifying Difficult Emotions
Polyvagal Theory
Self Compassionate Awareness
Meditation Practices, Benefits
Duration: 2 hours of group work once a week for 8 weeks

Dovecoach Mindfulness participation certificate is given to those who participate fully at the end of the program.

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