Mindfulness Coaching Certificate Program

Mindfulness Coaching Certificate Program


To contribute to the participants’ own personal lives, to enable them to embed the Mindfulness methodology into their coaching sessions and coaching postures.

Mindfulness Coaching is where mindfulness and coaching meet. In awareness studies, we learn to switch from the “doing mode” to the “being mode”. The “mode of being” includes concepts such as emotions, their counterparts in the body, process, intention as “in the moment”, and creative choice.

While experiencing the mode of being with mindfulness, we create a whole by taking action with the coaching mode, making goals and action plans. This combination helps us reach our goals in a healthy way.

Long-term mindfulness practices help us to distinguish our own experience as practitioners from those of those we work with and help us develop insight. It is aimed both to know ourselves and to be a companion on the journey of awareness with the ability to stay in the moment in our work. This program is suitable for anyone who wants to contribute to their own life and who wants to include mindfulness coaching in their career.

PROGRAM MODEL: The 48-hour training program has a two-module curriculum. The first module will be where we observe the effects in our own lives, where the transformation process begins for ourselves. The second module is the stage where you will add Mindfulness techniques to your coaching bag to use in your coaching sessions.

Mindfulness 101: 8-Week Mindfulness Awareness Program; It takes place once a week for 2 hours for 8 weeks. It takes 16 hours in total.

You can reach the detailed flow of 8 weeks by clicking here below.

Mindfulness 102: Mindfulness Coaching Program; It is given as 3 days 24 hours + 4 hours Workshop + 4 hours Retreat.


• Purpose of Mindfulness Coaching Program
• Definition of Mindfulness and Application Areas
• Evidence Research on Mindfulness
• Contribution of Mindfulness Techniques to Coaching Sessions
• Awareness of Thoughts and Emotions
• Self Awareness and Our Barriers
• Balanced Life
• Conscious Attention and Concentration Exercises
• The Relationship Between Mindfulness and Empathy
• Awareness Circle
• Values ​​Study
• Inner Sound – Outer Sound Study
• Resistance and Release Work
• Limiting Beliefs
• Orientation Practices
• Breathing Practices
• The Relationship Between Presence, Mindfulness, Observation, Choice and Techniques
• Mindfulness Exercises and Their Use in the Coaching Process
• The Transformative Effect of Mindfulness Practices in Our Daily Lives
• Neuroplasticity
• Body and Mind Relationship
• “Modes” of the Mind
• Identifying Difficult Emotions
• Polyvagal Theory
• Self Compassionate Awareness
• Meditation Practices and Benefits
• Difficulties and Methods of Meditation
• Nervous System Regulation Practices
• Mindfulness at Work and School

Retreat and workshop are given after the coaching training.


Mindfulness 101: 8 Weeks_16 Hours Mindfulness Awareness Program: 2.000 TL +18% VAT

Mindfulness 102: 3 Full days _24 Hours Mindfulness Coaching + 4 Hours Workshop + 4 Hours Retreat Program: 3.000 TL + 18% VAT.


Programs can be purchased separately.

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