Career Coaching Service for University Students and New Graduates

Career Coaching Service for University Students and New Graduates

The purpose of the Career Coaching Service for University Students/New Graduates; students/graduates who will take a new step in business life;

– To increase their ability to express themselves and their self-confidence,
– To raise awareness about their skills and competencies,
– Supporting the choice of profession / sector / field,
– Developing interview skills,
– Supporting them to determine their career goals and roadmaps,
– To enable them to start their business life one step ahead.

The coaching process begins with self-knowledge interviews. Career coach, with the various techniques and models in the tool kit, to raise awareness about the person himself and his career/career options; to discover ways to start business life from the right place; become aware of their wishes and goals regarding their business-private life; supports the creation of career planning and development process. In the next stage, a job interview simulation is applied to the people. With this, it is aimed to gain techniques that will help the person to overcome the excitement of job interviews, to increase self-confidence and awareness, and to strengthen the ability to express himself in interviews. After the simulation is carried out, people are given feedback on their interview performance and CVs; strengths and aspects that need improvement are identified, and the planning and target setting process is supported. During the process, job interviews that the person attends in real life are followed by career coaches and the person is supported.

Career Coaching service progresses with regular meetings once a week for 4-6 weeks. After 4 to 6 weeks, the client can continue coaching sessions to improve his/her professional life skills, if he/she wishes.

Service Fee:

Career Coaching Work with ICF- MCC Titled Coach: 650 TL +18% VAT / 1 Session

Career Coaching Work with ICF-PCC Certified Coach: 450 TL +18% VAT / 1 Session

Career Coaching Work with a Coach with Vocational Qualification Certificate or ICF-ACC Title: 350 TL +18% VAT / 1 Session

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