“Leader Development” and “Stress Management” Webinar Series

“Leader Development” and “Stress Management” Webinar Series

“Leader Development” and “Stress Management” Program

Wisdom age managers who can access information very quickly; Instead of long and behavioral training in the classroom environment, they need emotional and cognitive practices that are shorter and that they can apply quickly by returning to their inner world in their own living spaces.

Leader Development and Stress Management Program; It is designed for middle & upper level employees of institutions.

webinars; It can be given to leaders individually and in groups. Webinars can progress through the topics chosen by the leaders. Webinars can be given once a week.

The webinars are 135 minutes in total, with 2 sessions of 1 hour and a break of 15 minutes. The first session consists of theory and practice, and the second session only consists of practice.

W: Webinar

“Leader Development” Program

W1- Leadership and Self Awareness

W2-Management of Time and Priorities

W3- Self-Management and Motivation

W4- Empathic Communication

W5- Strategic Thinking and Vision Building

W 6- Problem Solving and Effective Decision Making

W7- Delegation and Team Management

W8- Effective Presentation Skills

W9- Learning Styles

W10- Feedback Culture

W11- Concepts of Coaching and Mentoring in Management

W12- Conflict and Relationship Management

W 13 – Emotional Stamina

“Stress Management” Program

W1-Introduction: Resilience concept, explanation of individual resilience model in the workplace, sharing of test and individual evaluation results.

W2-Knowing ourselves: Discovering individual strengths and values, working on how we use and can use them in business life.

W3-A resilient mindset: maintaining perspective in the face of difficulties, recognizing useless thought patterns and reframing harmful thoughts; Benefits of maintaining a sense of gratitude and a positive outlook.

W4- Healthy body-healthy mind: Gaining our own, sustainable habits of nutrition, exercise and rest to strengthen our physical and mental capacity

W5- Developing resilient behaviors: Ability to balance common stressors in the workplace; To develop and maintain our business and non-business relationships in order to receive the emotional, practical and professional support we need.

W6- Body Energy System and Balance: Simple Psycho-Kinesiology and Breathing Exercises that can be applied in the workplace.

W7- Mindfulness Practices: Sharing of Mindfullnes scientific articles and workplace practice practices.

W8- EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique): Engineer Gary Grag’s EFT Technique and Application.

You can send an e-mail to info@dovecoach.com to get an offer about our webinar series.

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