Professional Training Program

Professional Training Program

It is a special program designed for individuals who want to train themselves as educators, provide training on a subject they are expert in, or improve their existing skills with effective techniques specific to adult education. This program is designed for personal development professionals, teachers, educators, professional coaches, managers, in-service trainers, people who want to be trainers and professionals who want to improve their skills.



PEM01 + PEM02.
PEM01: Basic Skills in Adult Education program is given for 2 days,

PEM02: Advanced Skills in Adult Education program is given for 2 days, a total of 4 days and 32 hours. The modules can be taken independently according to the needs of the people. The program is given to groups of maximum 12 people. Participation in the entire program is mandatory. This program can also be given to institutions.

Individuals who meet the above conditions are given a separate certificate of participation for each module.


PEM01: Basic Skills in Adult Education
1) Basic Skills
– Responsibilities of the Trainer,
– Moving to the Trainer Position,
– The first impression,
– Effective communication,
– Use of Body Language,
– Use of Voice,
– Use of Effective Language Patterns,
– Stage Use,
– Use of Educational Materials,
– Keynote Design in Education.

2) Design of the Curriculum
– Targeting
– Content Preparation,
– Designing the Term,
– Effective Presentation Preparation,
– Education Evaluation.

PEM01 Applications:
– Presentation of the keynote speeches of the participants
– 10-minute presentations of the participants (Video shooting will be done)
– At the end of Module 1, a “Time Management Presentation” will be given to the participants.

PEM01: 16 Hours / 2 Days

PEM02: Advanced Skills in Adult Education
– Conscious – Unconscious Learning,
– Using Metaphor,
– Content Transfer According to Representation Systems,
– Creative Teaching Techniques for Adults,
– Learning Game,
– Content Transfer with 4 MAT Models,
– Forward Notification,
– Row Categories,
– Games to Bring Participants Together,
– Answering Difficult Questions,
– Energy Management on Stage.

PEM02: Applications:
– 15-minute presentations of the participants (Video shooting will be done)
– At the end of Module 2, the participants will; “Target Study Presentation” will be given.

PEM02: 16 Hours / 2 Days


Basic and Advanced Skills in Adult Education Tuition Fee per Person: One module is 4.000 TL +18% VAT, and when 2 modules are taken together, the total service fee is 7.500 TL +18% VAT.

Axess, Bonus, World, Maximum, Paraf, CardFinans credit cards can be used in 2-3-6-9-12 month installments with a maturity difference.

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