Development Webinars for Corporate Employees

Development Webinars for Corporate Employees

Development Webinars for Corporate Employees

Development webinars; to be a company that is prepared for the age of wisdom by increasing the inner awareness of your employees, and that employees can join with their families from their own home warmth; enables them to learn practical and applicable information on an interactive platform. At the same time, including the families of the employees in the development processes; By creating positive effects in the work and home environment, it increases the loyalty of the employees to the institution and contributes to the work-private life balance.

Webinars can be given live simultaneously to employees and their families, up to a maximum of 500 people. Webinars are given once a week as a single session for a total of 60 minutes. The first 30 minutes are spent with theory and the remaining 30 minutes with practice.

A digital participation certificate is sent to your personnel who complete our webinars.

W: Webinar

İW: The webinar language is English.

Development Webinars for Corporate Employees

W1- Leadership Styles

W2-Goal Setting

W3- Active Listening and Feedback

W4- Systemic Team Coaching

iW5- Self-compassion for increased work productivity

İW 6- Resilience&Stress management

W7- Learning Styles

W8- Training Coaching

W9- Emotional Stamina

W10-Parental Attitudes

W11- I develop my child’s self-confidence

W12- Energy Balance

W13- Emotional Barriers of the Manager

W14- Balance in Life

İW 15 – Better questions for a better life

W16- Conflict Management

W17- Emotional Intelligence

W18- Crisis Management

W19- Change Management

W20- Effective Presentation Techniques Training

W21- Mindfulness Exercises in the Workplace

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