In-House Mentoring Program

In-House Mentoring Program

The aim of this program is to provide experienced people in the organizational structure with mentoring competencies, and to gain the skills to communicate constructively with inexperienced staff, and to transfer experience and knowledge with a methodology.

Classroom Education: Group studies and games are used as tools in education. The training is 2 days, 14 hours in total.
Supervision Application: After the training, application development supervision is carried out twice (8 hours) during the following two months.

1. Increased productivity and corporate loyalty,
2. The spread of individual competencies to the institution and the transition from an individual-based business model to a system-based business model,
3. Improvement in management quality,
4. Improvement of business results,
5. An increase in the commitment of newly recruited or less experienced employees to the corporate culture and work,
6. Accelerating the preparation of the personnel in the executive pool for upper positions,
7. Increased trust relationship between manager and employee.

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