Mentoring Service for Coaches

Mentoring Service for Coaches

Mentoring Service for Coaches;

Coach mentoring; It means that the Mentor, who is experienced in the field of coaching, is mentoring so that the coach can practice and develop coaching skills and competencies, based on international core competencies.

Why Mentoring Service?

• Provides practical opportunities for coaches.
• You benefit from the mentor’s experiences.
• With group mentoring practices, you have the opportunity to work with coaches from different schools.
• You develop your coaching skills according to international coaching qualifications.
• You will develop your coaching skills quickly in a short time.
• You will step into the professional coaching process faster.
• If you work with a titled mentor, you can progress towards becoming an accredited coach after the mentoring service.
• Your coaching self-confidence will increase.
• Increases training efficiency for trainer coaches.
• It also provides you with a vision for coaching.

Who Can Get Mentoring Service;

– Professional coaches who want to improve their coaching competencies,
– Experienced coaches who want to do Mentor Coaching,
– Coaches who have just completed the training process but have difficulties in their implementation,
– Coaches who are on their way to becoming an accredited coach,
– Coaches who want to experience coaching with coaches from different schools.

Average service time: 3-6 Months

Service Fee:

Mentor Coaching Interview with ICF-MCC Titled Coach: 850 TL +18% VAT / 1 Session

Mentor Coaching Interview with ICF-PCC Certified Coach: 650 TL +18% VAT / 1 Session

Mentor Coaching Interview with ICF-ACC Titled Coach: 450 TL +18% VAT / 1 Session

You can get our mentoring service individually or with a group. In group work, 30% discount is applied from the service fee.

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