NLP Techniques for Coaches (ICF-CCE)

NLP Techniques for Coaches (ICF-CCE)


The purpose of the “NLP Techniques for Coaches” Program, which is the 4th module of the ICF-ACTP Professional Coaching Certificate Program, is for coaches to; To enrich their toolbox with 9 advanced techniques that support their coaching competencies.


1. To teach the history, assumptions and areas of NLP that can be used in the coaching process,
2. To add creativity with different techniques to Koç’s client’s process of creating goals and strategies,
3. Enabling Koç to make stronger observations in its relationship with its customers,
7. To ensure that Koç’s client can implement holistic decision-making strategies,
9. To use the emotional intelligence of Koç in the sessions,
10. Supporting Koç to communicate more effectively with himself, his environment and customers,
11. Enabling Koç to more strongly observe the body language and language patterns of its client,
12. To enable Koç to learn different techniques that he can use with clients who are indecisive during the coaching process,
13. To teach the use of strong language patterns that will increase the motivation of Koç’s customers,
14. To provide the coach with perspectives that will enable him to structure his own mental process in order to strengthen his coaching sessions with his clients,
15. To teach alternative techniques where Koç can reach the strong resources of its customers,
16. It contributes to the coach’s observation of the improvement areas in his own sessions.

PROGRAM DURATION: 3 Days / 24 Hours. At the end of the program, participants are given an ICF-CCE approved “NLP Techniques for Coaches” certificate.

PROGRAM FEE: NLP Techniques for Coaches Program Fee is 2.000 TL + 18% VAT. University students who are under the age of 24 receive a 25% discount on the program fees without a campaign. (Requires ID and Student card)

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