Life Coaching Service

Life Coaching Service

There are many things we want to do in our lives that are getting faster and more intense. We want to gain control of our lives, to balance our work, family and social life and to lead a fulfilling life. We have goals, we want to realize our potential and take action to realize them. Life coach; He is the person who makes us realize our potential, our positive and negative habits. He is the person who helps us find the tools that are effective in reaching our best version, achieving our vision and goals, and ultimately living the life we ​​desire, and helps us take action by providing motivation. Coach does not offer ready-made solutions. Coaching is a process that achieves success as a result of the joint work of the coach and the coaching service. The change and development effect and sustainability it has created on people stems from this.

Performance: Potential-Noise

Life coaching is a journey of companionship that tries to help people reach their goals by discovering their inner potential and strength. The Life Coach applies the tools and methods that he puts in his kit, within the framework of the ethical rules and principles of coaching, and contributes to helping people move towards the direction they want to go in life, towards their vision.

Life Coaching service progresses with regular meetings once a week for 8 weeks. With the completion of 8 weeks, the person can request a meeting about different goals once or twice a month, if he/she wishes.

Service Fee:

Life Coaching Work with ICF- MCC Titled Coach: 750 TL +18% VAT / 1 Session

Life Coaching Work with ICF-PCC Certified Coach: 550 TL +18% VAT / 1 Session

Life Coaching Work with a Coach with Vocational Qualification Certificate or ICF-ACC Title: 450 TL +18% VAT / 1 Session

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