Trainer Program for Personnel Providing In-Service Training

Trainer Program for Personnel Providing In-Service Training


This training program; It aims to provide practical and applicable skills that will increase the effectiveness of the in-service trainings that the personnel who provide training within your company will give to the company employees with adult teaching methods.

MODEL OF THE PROGRAM: Classroom Education: Group work, presentations and games are used as tools in the trainings. The training is 2 days and 14 hours in total.

In order for the program to be effective, it is important to adapt it to the climate of your institution. In order to get detailed information about this program and to understand your needs, please request a preliminary interview from our authorities.

If you prefer us to call you, we will contact you within 24 hours if you enter your contact information from the contact menu or by clicking “I want to receive information” on the right of your screen.

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