Leadership and Effective Communication for Education Managers

Leadership and Effective Communication for Education Managers


It is very important for a leading education administrator to be able to lead both “individually” in his inner world and “systemically” in the whole team (teacher-student-parent business relationship) in order to balance the system as a whole. Effective Communication and Leadership Training aims to provide training managers with leadership skills in line with the expectations of new generation employees.


To communicate effectively with the new generation of teachers and students,
Learning Different Leadership Styles,
Improvement in management quality,
improvement of business results,
Coping with Difficult Parents,
To communicate effectively and persuasively,
To be able to extract the values ​​of the team, to motivate them with values.

Education Slogan: “People are not managed, businesses are managed, people are led”

PROGRAM MODEL: The training is 2 days, 16 hours in total. Group work and games are used as tools in training. The number of participants is minimum 8 and maximum 16 people. At the end of the training, participants are given a certificate of participation.

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