Practicum for Coaches

Practicum for Coaches

Our Practicums aim to improve the practice skills of the coaches who have completed the coaching certificate programs or are continuing the certification process.

Practicum: These are group studies in which detailed session evaluation is made in the presence of a coach with the title of MCC or PCC, by listening to 3 recorded or live coaching sessions. Our practicums are organized every month for 4 hours, in class or online from the zoom platform. Persons who receive our coaching programs can attend a number of practicums free of charge according to the requirements of the program they have taken. All coaches with AC or ICF accredited coaching training are welcome to attend the practicum. Our coaches, whose practicum rights have expired in a determined number, can get additional practicum by paying 200 TL if they want to continue. Coaches participating from different coaching schools can participate in 1 practicum by paying 300 TL.

In Team Coaching Practicums, coaches are evaluated by watching sample team coaching sessions and team coaching is applied in zoom rooms. It is held once every 2 months for 2 hours. Individuals who have received AC or ICF approved team coaching training can participate in this practicum. 1 piece of Practicum is 250 TL, for Dovecoach it is 150 TL.

Final Practicum: It is a group study that includes the graduation exam of the ICF-ACTP program, written and recorded session evaluation from an MCC level coach, who is the dean of the program, and recorded feedback to the coach. It is given as 4 days and 2 hours. In the Final Practicum, the coaches receive at least 2 hours of individual mentoring. Final Practice is 8 hours in total. Coaches who do not get enough points in the final practicum must attend the next final practicum free of charge and demonstrate a level of coaching performance that meets the graduation requirements. Our Final Practicum is 2.000 TL + 18% VAT and our coaches who have participated in all ACTP Program modules can enter.

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