The Art and Competencies of Coaching (ICF_ACSTH)

The Art and Competencies of Coaching (ICF_ACSTH)

Coaching Art and Competencies

“Coaching Art and Competencies”, Module 1 of the ICF-ACTP Professional Coaching Certificate Program; It is a module in which the basics of the coaching profession are taught practically with three coaching models based on ICF Competencies. Participants who complete the module can participate in 1 (4 Hours) Practicum free of charge within the following 6 months.

This module contains practical and theoretical information for professionals, managers, experts, educators, families and consultants who want to apply their coaching competencies in their living spaces and human relations. It is also an introductory module for people who want to specialize in coaching.


“The Art and Competencies of Coaching”
– Purpose of the Coaching Program,
– What is Coaching, Its History, Application Areas and Position in Turkey,
– Coaching Relationship,
– Benefits of Coaching Service,
– What Coaching Is Not,
– Coach’s Responsibilities,
– Core Competencies of the Coach,
– National Occupational Standards (Coach, Level 6),
– AC Code of Ethics and Good Practice,
– ICF Code of Ethics,
– Concepts (Conscious, Unconscious, Subconscious, Emotion, Thought, Behavior…)
– Basic Steps of Cognitive Approach and Effective Communication.
– Preparation for Coaching Skills,
– Coaching Process,
– Mental Preparation of the Coach,
– Setting the Coaching Agenda,
– Drag with Harmony,
– Transition to Universal Listening,
– Revealing the Critical Rift,
– Goal Study and Plan Creation,
– Making Strong Observations,
– The Powerful Art of Asking Questions,
– Making Strong Requests.
– Configuration Skill,
– Effective and Actionable Feedback Technique,
– Multidimensional Appreciation,
– Development Skill,
– Challenge Skill,
– Commitment Ability,
– Tracking Process.

Program Duration: 36 Hours / 6 Days + 84 Hours Practicum/1 Day Total: 40 Hours/7 Days

Our Program Trainers consist of competent trainer coaches who have received the MCC title from ICF.

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