Team Coaching Service

Team Coaching Service

Team coaching service; It proceeds on the issues determined by the team members together with the company rules and culture. The main purpose of the team coaching service is to increase internal and external customer satisfaction, reduce costs, increase the performance and profitability of the team and the institution by strengthening the communication between the subordinates and superiors. One of the biggest benefits of team coaching service is; It is seen as an increase in the commitment of employees who see that they are valued and their development is supported.

While Team Coaching focuses on all these, it focuses on a specific business result.

“We can’t see bad relationships in winning teams.
Bad relationships are seen in losing teams.
If you want good relations in the team, teach them to win first.” Alain Cardon, International Team Coach, MCC-ICF

After each meeting, the coach receives commitments from team members and begins subsequent conversations by discussing what has been done about them. Within this service, practical trainings on the subjects needed by the team can also be provided. Today, it has become important to structure the training processes together with the team coaching service in order to increase the applicability of the trainings.

Team Coaching service lasts between 6 months and 12 months with regular 2.5-hour monthly meetings with the teams. A full day’s work is done with the team manager and members to configure the service.

Service Fee:

One full day of pre-work: 4.500 TL +18% VAT

Team Coaching with ICF-MCC Certified Coach: 2.500 TL +18% VAT / 1 Session (2.5 hours)

Team Coaching with ICF-PCC Certified Coach: 2.000 TL +18% VAT / 1 Session (2.5 Hours)

Team Coaching Work with a Coach with a Professional Qualification Certificate or ICF-ACC Title: 1.500 TL +18% VAT / 1 Session (2.5 hours)

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